Best cover letter writing tips for 2014

Our mission at Global Career is to help our clients make it obvious as to why they’re a great fit for the job they want–whether that’s in an interview or on a LinkedIn profile.

Another crucial piece of this marketing puzzle is the cover letter.  Our favorite cover letter advice–ADD A TABLE–was just included at the top of’s list of “Best Cover Letter Writing Tips for 2014.”

If you’d like me to send you a free copy of a sample cover letter that demonstrates the technique I discuss in the article, send me an email.

If 2014 is the year you’ll be looking for a new position, you’re going to want a cover letter that makes the reader want to meet you, even before they get to your resume.  And by the way, we don’t mean that you write and send the same generic cover letter for every position.  We mean that you must write a thoughtful, tailored marketing piece that speaks to the needs of the particular job you’re going for.  One for each!

May the new year bring you the professional fulfillment you desire and deserve.