Quickly learn the strategies you’ll need to land faster and advance your career.

Interactive job landing career webinars

The interactive job landing, career advancing webinars from our partners at Career University will help you reach your career goals quickly and economically.

Many Global Career clients use these career webinars in conjunction with their individualized Global Career coaching.   Learn essential job search strategies from Career University, and add the personalized and focused attention that only an experienced career consultant from Global Career can provide.

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KICK START YOUR JOB SEARCH: Shift your new or ongoing search into high gear


I’m starting a job search for the first time, or for the first time in a long time—especially if I’m not sure what I want to do next.  (Coming mid-May.)


UNDERSTAND THE MARKET : How are people landing jobs?


My notion of a job search strategy is spending all day looking online and randomly applying to just about any position that seems somewhat relevant.




I need the best resume I’ve ever had—one that opens doors in the most competitive markets. 


THE WRITE STUFF: Cover letters, references, & more


I need to know how to create cover letters, thank you notes, business cards, and reference lists that make me stand out from my competition.  (Coming soon.)


NETWORKING: Your connections will get you the job


I have no idea how to network–or I want to get a lot better at it.  Maybe I’m not convinced of networking’s value.  It feels fake or intimidating.


ELEVATOR SPEECHES: Every conversation gets you closer


I need to clearly and convincingly let people know who I am as a professional, so they can help me reach my goals.


STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN: Your Guide to a Faster Landing


I need a daily plan that will keep me on track and moving proactively and efficiently toward my goals—and out of the “Internet Suck.”


CAREER CHANGE: Sell Yourself in a New Direction


I need to convince people—with my resume and in interviews—that I’m capable of succeeding in the new career I’ve chosen.


SOCIAL MEDIA: How LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook can advance your career


I need a LinkedIn profile that gets me found by companies and recruiters, and I want to better establish my expertise in my industry.


RECRUITERS: Get them working for you (PART 1)


I need to better understand what recruiters do, which type is best for me, and how to find them. 


RECRUITERS: Get them working for you (PART 2)


I need to know how to impress recruiters and manage the relationship for short and long-term success.




I need to learn the basics, including preparing for the many different types of interviews and interview questions I’ll encounter.  (Coming soon.)


STRATEGIC INTERVIEWING: Become the Candidate of Choice


I need to learn how to prepare for and conduct an interview to guarantee that I make an obvious match between my achievements and their needs. 


CAREER FAIRS: 8 Steps to Stand Out


I want to make the most of every career fair interaction.  Maybe I’m not convinced of the value of career fairs.


MOTIVATION & RESILIENCE: Manage the Emotions of Search


I’m feeling overwhelmed by the search process and want to learn real strategies that can keep me moving forward.


ASK THE EXPERT : Live open forum I’ve got job search questions and want immediate feedback and new ideas.