I need a new job. Thanks a lot.

An attitude of gratitude will point your career in the right direction.

Most people don’t like their jobs—by a wide margin.  According to recent data from Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are “engaged” in their jobs—meaning they’re emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve.

The picture is a little rosier in the U.S., with 29% reporting that they’re engaged.  But that still leaves most people not committed to the work they’re doing.  What happens then?

Productivity decreases.  Career advancement—and the salary and benefits and personal growth that come with it—stalls.  Stress levels climb.

These statistics don’t even include people who are still looking for work, or more work, as a result of the Great Recession.

For this we’re supposed to be grateful?


Because an “attitude of gratitude” can go a long way toward helping you land your next opportunity, or improving your standing in the one you have. [Read more…]

Job landing secrets from the best job lander I know — Part 2

To land your job of choice, you've got to be open to trying something new!

My friend and client Kathy Bristow shares more strategies that have enabled her to land jobs time and again—with little or no direct experience in her chosen field.  (Read part 1 here.)

4.  Don’t go back to school.

I love being a student more than anything else — it’s so tempting to sign up for a program (convenient, online!) that promises a shiny new set of qualifications and guaranteed employability.  [Read more…]

Job landing secrets from the best job lander I know

Job landing secrets from the best job lander I know

High-level search strategies can land your job of choice--even with little previous experience in the field.

One year ago, I went to a neighborhood holiday party that resulted in a new job.  It’s a great job that aligns well with my priorities:  10 minute commute; in my target industry; plenty of growth potential; solid match to my skills and interests.

It’s also a job that I never would have landed were it not for this party.  In fact, I couldn’t even complete the on-line application, because I lacked certain minimum qualifications and the software blocked my submission. [Read more…]