Look back on 2012–now write it down!

Your accomplishments will help you land your next role.

Who knows what 2013 has in store for any of us professionally?  As you look back on last year, could you have predicted the opportunities that came your way, or the challenges you endured?

I know that in 2012, there were readers of this blog who…

  • were unexpectedly presented with an exciting career opportunity—either within or outside their place of employment.
  • decided (or needed) to return to professional life after a short or considerable time off.
  • graduated from school and began looking for work.
  • were laid off.

In this new year, there’s a good chance that one of the above may happen to you.  (If not this year, you know it will happen eventually.)  Don’t get caught unprepared, especially when you may have very little time before an interview! [Read more…]

B is for breathe

Low, full breaths can help us regain a sense of calm and focus in our most stressful moments.

“But I can’t just call timeout in the middle of a stressful interview and take a couple minutes to close my eyes, make sure I’m breathing right, and get my focus back.”

Last Wednesday, I was teaching stress-reduction techniques to a seminar full of job seekers.  We were focusing on what for most of us is the most stress-inducing piece of the puzzle—the interview.  (I’ll tell you how I handled that question in a moment.) [Read more…]

Job landing secrets from the best job lander I know — Part 2

To land your job of choice, you've got to be open to trying something new!

My friend and client Kathy Bristow shares more strategies that have enabled her to land jobs time and again—with little or no direct experience in her chosen field.  (Read part 1 here.)

4.  Don’t go back to school.

I love being a student more than anything else — it’s so tempting to sign up for a program (convenient, online!) that promises a shiny new set of qualifications and guaranteed employability.  [Read more…]

Job landing secrets from the best job lander I know

Job landing secrets from the best job lander I know

High-level search strategies can land your job of choice--even with little previous experience in the field.

One year ago, I went to a neighborhood holiday party that resulted in a new job.  It’s a great job that aligns well with my priorities:  10 minute commute; in my target industry; plenty of growth potential; solid match to my skills and interests.

It’s also a job that I never would have landed were it not for this party.  In fact, I couldn’t even complete the on-line application, because I lacked certain minimum qualifications and the software blocked my submission. [Read more…]

When bad interviews happen to good people

Interview nerves can lead to undesired results

Interview nerves can point you in the wrong direction.

My wife, Cindy, is in the process of interviewing candidates for the administrative assistant position that is available in the department she leads.

Yesterday, she had an interview scheduled with a man we’ll call “James.”  The interview was scheduled for 2:00.  At 1:55, James had yet to show, so Cindy told her co-worker that she was going to run down to the restroom.  “If James arrives, have him wait for me in the conference room and tell him I’ll be right there.”

Cindy walked down the hall, pushed open the restroom door, and saw…a man.   A very shocked man in his mid-40s and wearing a suit.  The following exchange occurred.

“Are you Cindy?”


“Am I in the women’s restroom?”

[Read more…]