The guy with 2 LinkedIn connections

In job search, good connections are essential.

Tom, a new client, arrives with a wealth of experience in the financial sector—and two LinkedIn connections.  Plus, as a result of a car accident right after his layoff from a major financial institution, he has been out of the job market for nearly two years.  But now he’s ready to get back in.

An ideal position soon becomes available at a major bank in the area.  Tom knows no one there, and it’s no surprise that his two LinkedIn connections come up empty.  I offer that my 800 connections might turn up something.  [Read more…]

How to Manage the Job Posting Laundry List

Don’t weed yourself out of a job you want.

You see an exciting job posting, right up your alley of expertise.  It’s nearby.  The organization’s values align with your own.  And then you start reading.  And reading.  And reading.

Soon there’s an ache of nervousness in your belly as you wonder how you can possibly fulfill every requirement listed in what was once a job posting but has turned into a Hemingway-esque short story, but with more adjectives.

Your excitement turns to consternation as you ask yourself, “Should I really apply for this job?” [Read more…]

The Internet Suck

Job seekers must learn to use the internet wisely, and not be used by it.

Most job seekers never escape the “Internet Suck.” But you can.

Several years ago, I coined a phrase to describe what happens to most job seekers the moment they begin their searches.  They get pulled into the desperate vortex I affectionately call “The Internet Suck.”

It looks like this.  You sit down at the computer to check out a job board.  The job board suggests you read an article on what not to wear to an interview.  That gets you curious about what the stars wore to the latest award show.  So why not go to YouTube and see highlights from the Best Short-Subject Documentary nominations?  And on and on until they’re turning off the lights and hosing down the espresso machines, and you look around and think, ‘What happened?”

[Read more…]

What’s wrong with your LinkedIn photo?

Is your LinkedIn photo working for or against you?

Is your LinkedIn photo working for or against you?

A recruiter, a career consultant, two lawyers and a hospital administrator are talking at a birthday party.  The career consultant (me) asks the recruiter (my friend, Maria), “What’s the most important part of the LinkedIn profile?”  And the recruiter says, “The picture.”

No joke.  Not the headline, not the summary.  The picture.  “It’s the first thing we see, and it can be a big turn on or turn off.” [Read more…]