Why job seekers should not take the holidays off

Holiday networking

The holiday season can be an ideal time to reach hard-to-access contacts.

“Everything slows down at companies in December,” my client said, “so I think I’m going to take the month off.”  My reply: “Missed opportunity!”  

Everything slowing down is exactly the reason we SHOULD be intensively networking right now–reaching out to our existing contacts, and working to establish new ones.  In many organizations, the later part of December is a time when not a lot happens as a result of people taking time off, year-end celebrations, and major projects waiting to kick off in the new year.

You may never have a better time to access the otherwise very busy people you’ve most been wanting to meet.

People may be more receptive to a phone call, email, or even an invite for lunch or coffee, because they have less to do. Another important factor: often, the gatekeepers to your target contacts are on vacation during this time.  Higher up people are potentially more likely to answer their own phone!

Send holiday greetings

If you’re in search, whatever you do, don’t take December completely off.  At the very least, send out holiday cards to key contacts and emails to others in your network (to save on costs).  Just to wish them well–and remind them ever so briefly of the tremendous value you can bring to their organization or industry.

Or use this time to rethink and solidify your search strategy for 2013.

If you need help with any of the above, let me know.

Use Thanksgiving well

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  No matter what position we find ourselves in, taking even a minute to clearly identify what we are grateful for–what IS working well in our lives–can give us the added strength and energy we need to continue on at our best.  Try it.

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