Job Search & Career Change Workshops

“People in job search don’t know these things.  And they need to.”   Global Career Clinic participant

Companies, non-profit organizations, universities and alumni associations, and tech and trade schools offer Global Career’s interactive job search workshops to give their constituents the edge they need in today’s highly competitive job market.

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Global Career Clinic

This full or half-day seminar provides participants with a full range of tools and strategies they need to face today’s job market with confidence.  Topics can include: uncovering the hidden job market; creating my personal marketing plan; effective networking; strategic interviewing; and developing resilience to manage the emotional roller-coaster.

Career Exploration: Finding Your Focus    

This course examines the necessity of developing and communicating a clear professional objective in order to get us moving forward in our job searches.  We’ll use multiple assessments to help us gain clarity around our career goals, and also learn about market research techniques that can help us determine our best way forward.

Shifting Gears:  Selling Yourself in a New Direction

You’ve done the soul-searching, the assessments, and market research.  Now it’s time to let the world know you’re ready, and able to take on a new professional direction.  Whether you’re making a minor adjustment to your career path or a 180 degree shift, your marketing strategy, support materials, and interviewing performance must be compelling and focused, especially in today’s climate.

Generating Leads and Creating Your Job Search Plan   

In this seminar, we’ll examine the various and most effective methods people are using to find work in today’s market.  From there, we’ll develop our own personal marketing plan, which will guide our search efforts on a daily basis and keep us more focused and efficient.

Uncover the Hidden Job Market  

Many people are interviewing and landing new positions, even in this challenging climate.  Learn the most effective strategies for uncovering and securing your next job in today’s market, so you can spend your valuable time as productively as possible.

Leveraging Social Networking and the Internet in Job Search

In this course, we’ll learn how to make the most of the internet during job search.  We’ll examine the important roles that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging are currently playing for job seekers.  We’ll also discuss how to get the most out of job boards, company websites, and major research engines—resources we need to manage well to avoid getting caught in the dreaded “internet suck.”

Resumes 101: The Fundamentals     

The key to resume success is clearly presenting your information in a manner that quickly grabs the attention of your reader.  We’ll answer all your questions about format, length, sections, fonts, dates, and more.

Advanced Resumes: The Door-Opening Essentials

Your resume is not a biography — it’s a sales tool, designed from the top down to sell you in the professional direction in which you want to go.  These advanced targeting techniques are guaranteed to take your resume to the next level and make you stand out from the crowd.

Networking: More Comfortable, More Effective

We know we have to network.  For many of us, networking is a daunting, even frightening process that leads to nothing but a lot of business cards in a drawer.  We’ll help you completely rethink the strategy in a way that even the most introverted among us can embrace.  And we’ll explain how to bring your next job closer with each interaction.

Interviewing 101: The Essentials

For many of us, it’s been a long time since we’ve sat in the interview chair.  We’ll cover the basics from preparation to performance — including how to answer a wide range of the most challenging questions — so you can be at your best when it counts the most.

Advanced Interviewing: The Secret to Becoming THE Candidate

We want to say what the employer wants to hear.  But how do we know what that is?  There is a strategy to interviewing that Is often overlooked by even the most experienced professionals.  Not knowing it can lead to a lot of missed opportunities.  Hint: it’s not about you!

Perform Under Pressure:  Allowing the Best You to Come Through

Our interviewers will challenge us in ways we may not foresee.  We’ve got to be adept at thinking on our feet.  Learn tips and techniques to stay relaxed, focused, and flexible during an interview—with insights from the acting world and beyond.

Personal Marketing Plan:  More Useful Than Your Resume

Learn to create a document that will make your daily job search efforts more effective and efficient.  This is the “what do I do when I get out of bed every morning” guide that will clarify your goals and your abilities — for yourself and for your network!

Verbal Communication Tools: Prepare to Talk

We know that what you say in an interview can determine whether or not you get the job.  But what you say during your daily life can determine whether or not you get the right interviews.  Learn essential communication tools that will both propel you toward the opportunities you seek, and help you land the job when the interview comes your way.

Written Communication Tools:  Cover Letters, Thank You Notes, & More

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to effectively market yourself.  Top job-seekers have mastered these techniques for effective cover letters, thank you notes, business cards, references, and more.

Career Fair Preparation:  Opportunities Abound

A career fair can be overwhelming.  You may be asked to interview on the spot.  At the very least, an important connection at a target organization can be made.  These preparation and performance tips will help you make the most out of your time — and make the best impression when it counts.

Participant Feedback

“Searching without these skills is long, isolating, and far less effective.”

“A great jump start to the job search process!”

“Concise and expert advice. “

” Great information and value!”

“The instructors are on point.  Their expertise shows in how well done the format of the seminar is, and how much is covered in the time provided.” 

“They teach the most current methods and strategies.”

“I’m taking home some Global gold! “

“This kind of professional development for a job search is essential.”

Contact us today to see how a Job Search Workshop from Global Career can help the people you serve reach their career goals faster.