More fulfilling work. More productive workers.

Professional Development

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.  Larry Braman inspired me.”                            Baxter Healthcare Leadership Academy participant

Global Career creates engagingly original workshops where personal and interactive experiences combine to create more productive and fulfilled individuals and teams.

Our dynamic learning experiences draw on lessons and techniques from the business, creative, and personal development worlds to help working people bring more of who they are to what they do.  Here is a sampling of the workshops we have created and delivered for our clients.  We can adapt one to meet your needs, or design an original experience to help your organization reach its performance goals.

Bringing Your Best Self to Work—and to Life

When you bring more of who you are to what you do, you feel better and you do better. Translation for the workplace: when you involve more of your personal assets—including your intellect, your emotions, your body, your imagination, and your memories—in your work, your work becomes more fulfilling and more productive.

This highly personal and interpersonal seminar is tailored to speak to your organization or team’s most immediate people-oriented needs or goals. At the core of the learning is nothing less than a re-framing of work itself. The job is recast as an opportunity to fulfill one’s core needs and values. When needs are met at work, workplace investment, morale, and engagement increases—while stress, burnout, and even turnover is alleviated.

Emotional intelligence, team building, empathy, and creativity are additional areas targeted and enhanced by this experience.

Diversity, Empathy, and Respect: Lifting the Labels

Healthy workplace relationships require mutual respect, and the recognition of the common needs and aspirations that exist among colleagues and the people we serve. Moving and meaningful experiences give participants real practice in getting beyond pre-conceived notions and biases. This experience strengthens the team, and also provides a model which participants can take to their organizations to improve relationships, communication, customer service and morale.

Presentation Skills from a Theater Perspective

Connect to your material, and your audience will connect to you. In the work world, presentations take a wide variety of forms—including large conferences, small meetings, webinars, videoconferences, and even interviews. We’ll learn and practice effective methods—drawn from the theater world and corporate worlds—to help you prepare for and deliver your material in a way that connects with and moves any audience, large or small—while keeping you more focused and less stressed throughout.

Team Building that Achieves Organizational Goals

The productivity of a department depends on the quality of the relationships and interactions among the staff. Meaningful and fun experiences, rooted in the worlds of theatre and improvisation, will enable team members to better empathize with one another, become more supportive of each other’s work, and communicate and create more effectively together.

Tapping Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking in the Workplace

Thriving organizations demand creativity and innovation. Individually and in teams, we’ll learn and practice techniques that enable new ideas to break through. Many of the exercises are adapted from the world of improvisational theater, where successful performances happen when people tune in to their individual creativeness while remaining receptive to the contributions of their teammates.

Strengthening Leadership and Relationships in a Culture of Change

This workshop brings to life and integrates key elements of the relationship-oriented leadership principles from Michael Fullan’s book, “Leading in a Culture of Change.” The three main relationship-building leadership essentials we will explore are emotional intelligence, open communication, and the value of dissent. These concepts can transform leadership’s approach to their role, while bringing individual leaders closer together as a team with a unified purpose.

Plug the Knowledge Drain: Tell a Story

Whether you wish to pass on valuable lessons from experienced staff who are nearing retirement, or desire to reinforce your organization’s best practices, a well-told story will help ensure that your audience retains what it hears. We’ll examine the essentials of a compelling story, identify the elements that can turn a story into a transferable, repeatable learning opportunity, and hone some of our own success stories for maximum effectiveness. We’ll also discuss how to facilitate storytelling workshops within our own organizations.

Needs-Based Problem Solving

You’ve got a problem. Sure, you can sit there by yourself or with your team, and think and talk and strategize your way to a solution. And you might find one…if you identify the true problem to begin with, and then generate some creative new approaches. Why hope for lightning to strike, when you can put up a lightning rod? Experience and learn two uncommon, innovative techniques that can help both you and your team get to the core of the tough issues you’re facing—and attract solutions that have the power of a thunderbolt. It promises to be a revelatory—and fun—experience.

What Do I Need From My Work, My Life, and My Organization?

These questions are inter-related. Answering any one of them can help us improve our performance and, more importantly, our sense of fulfillment, in all three realms. The information you gain will help you define your professional and personal goals, and motivate you to make the changes necessary to achieve them. You’ll also learn to recognize when you’re on the right path, so you can continue doing what works for you—and seek out other opportunities to bring that fulfillment into your life.  Moreover, you will likely gain a new, clearer understanding of what you need from your organization, whether it’s traditional or volunteer work. By sharing these needs, you may help your organization refine its mission so it can best support the goals of its clients, customers, and staff.

Relax, De-stress, and Open the Potential

Practice relaxation and stress-reducing techniques in a variety of relevant work situations. Sustain wellness, manage fear, and open the channels of creativity and communication.