Global Career Resumes Open Doors

“After the company received a total of 800 resumes, mine was one of 12 they chose for an interview which, with your coaching, led to a second interview.  This speaks volumes to the work you have done.”

Your resume is not your biography.  It is a marketing piece, custom designed to advance you toward your current professional goals.  Whether you are…

  • in career transition
  • considering a job change
  • preparing for an internal move
  • contemplating a return to the workforce
  • content in your current position

…a well-crafted resume is essential to opening the doors to the opportunities you seek, now or in the future.

“From the moment we sat down to revise my resume, Larry treated it as though it were his own. His attention to detail is impeccable, and he has an excellent ability to home in on the experiences employers are interested in.”

Global  Career does not provide a “resume writing” service, wherein you submit your draft, and then a stranger pretties it up and rewrites it using the trendiest language.

Global  Career partners with you to identify and powerfully communicate the skills and experiences which will best help you achieve your goals.

We’ll start from wherever you are in the process–and finish with a resume that will strongly represent you in the professional world.

Contact us for a free assessment of your resume, included in our 30 minute job market readiness evaluation.